Sunday, September 16, 2012


I didn't take too many pictures at Ariane's house. Here's a few of the highlights. 
The kids liked trying on Uncle Matt's vest.  It was pretty heavy, even without anything in it.
 Elias could barely lift it; he didn't want to wear it.

 How many people does it take to break into the van? 
The keys got locked in the van and we had to get creative to get them out.  Ariane called her friend, Angie, who has done this several times before.  A neighbor saw us working on it, so he also came over to help.  We used Matt's blood pressure cuff to pry the door open, and after trying several different things, I bent a garden stake, slipped in in the window, and unlocked the door.
 Later that day, Angie hosted a neighborhood backyard mud party.  There was an obstacle course.

We had a lot of fun with Ariane's family.  We were sad to leave.  But, we're already saving up for our trip to visit them in Texas next summer!

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